Sensual on Location with Martin Krolop

2017-01-14 Peoplephotography
Sensual On Location

I was still in Saigon when I read that Martin Krolop announced another workshop in Munich. As one must be fast to get a reservation in one of his workshops, I booked it right from the hotel room. And what shoud I say, as usual for Martin’s workshops it was worth booking it.

Martin organized a very cool loft in Munich as shooting location and Jessi as workshop model. The loft is usually a show room and not a photo studio, but it is a great place to take pictures. A lot of steel, wood, bricks and a big stove make the room comfortable. Outside it was very cold and we had a lot of snow. The stove was very welcome.

As usual, Martin started with a theory part. The job of today was shooting a “photo story”. This means shooting pictures in several sets that finaly tell a story. In the theory part, we developed the style of our story and we decided on the places for taking the photos. As the loft was very homely, we decided to show Jessica having a day #casual@home.

I could write much more about the workshop but in the end the created pictures are what this blog is about. So, finaly I learned a lot, had a good day and here are the results…