Olympic Games 1972

2022-07-18 Peoplephotography
Anna Grabowska @ Olympiapark, Munich

The Olympiapark is one of the most beautiful places in Munich. The fantastic architecture has been made for the Olympic Games in 1972. Now, 50 years later, it’s architecture is still outstanding. A good reason to ask Anna for a shooting at this historic place.

One Woman, Many Expressions

2021-10-14 Peoplephotography
Janna Evstafeva

One face can form many expressions. Each expression can embody various emotions. Janna shows us a few.

Unauthorized Access Strictly Prohibited

2020-11-14 Peoplephotography
Unauthorized Access Strongly Prohibited

Unauthorized access strictly prohibited was written on a sign close to the door. But as McArthur said, rules are mostly made to be broken. So, let us see what Katya is doing…

Quad Remote Shutter Release

2020-10-04 Miscellaneous

In the recent months, I was playing around with stereoscopic photography. That is taking two pictures side by side to generate an 3D vision. There are several ways to take two slightly shifted photos of a subject: Shifting the camera between two time-delayed exposures Using specialized 3D lenses, which project two shifted images on the camera sensor Using two cameras mounted side by side Shifting the camera between two time-delayed exposures is the easiest way to start with stereoscopic photography.Read More

Samira is Waiting for the Train

2020-08-18 Peoplephotography

In 1972, Munich was hosting the Olympic Games. Thousands of spectators were watching the games in the various locations of the Olympic Park. The city of Munich build a railway station for moving the visitors in and out. This railway station hasn’t been used for many years and became a lost place. I meet Sammy at one of the platforms as she was waiting for the train…

Meeting With Katia

2019-12-01 Peoplephotography

Some impressions from a shooting with Katia. We met at an apartment in an old house in the center of Munich and took some shoots.

Touring Trough Paris with Katia

2019-06-10 Peoplephotography
Touring Trough Paris with Katia Martin

It was a beautiful summer day when Katia Martin and I toured through Paris. We walked away from the big tourist spots and ascertained streets with many old buildings. We found a street with a view on the Eifel Tower and stopped for a few photos. Thanks Katia for showing me your home town.

In the Locker Room With Miastune

2019-03-18 Peoplephotography

The Ladies Locker Room is a forbidden place for men. We’re bursting with curiosity when we passing this room while walking down the floor. Mia allows us a quick look and shows us what is going on behind this mysterious door.

Riverdale High School with Miastune

2019-03-18 Peoplephotography

Winter is a good time to shoot in the studio. Light fell through a small window onto a old wall. We took that chance and made several pictures of beautiful Mia in front of it.

A Day with Veronika

2018-12-12 Peoplephotography
Veronika V

A few impressions from an photography session with Veronika and two 35 mm rolls of Kodak Portra 800.