Sweet Home Chicago

2018-06-09 Miscellaneous

Chicago is known for skyscrapers left and right of the Chicago river, the worldwide best blues music (e.g., Magic Sam, J.B. Hutto, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells), deep dish pizza, and 1920s gangsters like Al Capone. Even today the crime rate is very high. After 12 shootings in the last night, I stopped counting news reports on TV during breakfast. Maybe that’s the reason why Chicago became a film location for Batman Begins and the Last Knight. I had just oneRead More

April @ Warehouse District, Peoria, IL

2018-06-08 Peoplephotography
April @ Peoria Warehouse District

Thanks April for this fantastic shooting in Peoria, Illinois. AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 and AgfaPhoto APX 400

Volksbad Nuremberg on Illford Delta 3200

2018-05-12 Miscellaneous
Volksbad Nürnberg

The Volksbad (peoples bath) in Nuremberg was build between 1911 and 1913 and is a beautiful art nouveau building. The construction cost approximately 1.8 million Reichsmark. It’s opening was on January 2nd, 1914. The bath consisted of three indoor swimming pools, 66 bathtubs, 14 showers, a steam bath and barber rooms. During World War I it was closed for three months. In World War II the bath became heavily damaged. The reconstruction was finished in 1959. The Volksbad has beenRead More

Tales of an Bavarian Winter

2018-03-04 Peoplephotography

SUNDAY, MARCH 4TH: It is cold outside. Damm cold! Ben said it is a good job. I hope it is really worth leaving my warm flat, today. I am driving into the city. A brown SUV hangs on my bumper. Someone told me to take care of brown SUVs. Can’t remember why. The driver must be drunk. Maybe all Jeep Grant Cherokee drivers are drunk. After a shot drive, Janna opens the door. She wears almost nothing. It’s hot outsideRead More

ahTour 2017 – Cortiiana Hotel Munich

2017-08-16 Peoplephotography
AHTour 2017 München

In this post, I will report from my latest workshop participation in Munich. Photographer Alexander Heinrichs offered this workshop as part of his ahTour 2017. Within the tour, he is traveling with two awesome models from city to city and keeps several workshops. The workshop took place in the Cortiiana Hotel, directly in the centre of Munich. We had two rooms were we have practised on-location lighting. Our models where Madeleine Handle and Franzy Balfanz. Both are very experianced models.Read More

Tag der Bundeswehr 2017 at Penzing Air Base

2017-06-10 Planespotting
Tag der Bundeswehr 2017 at Penzing Air Base

Since 2015, the German Armed Forces organize an annual open day called “Tag der Bundeswehr”. The forces open their doors for the public at several sites all over Germany. This year, one of the sites was Penzing airbase, home of Air Transport Wing 61 (Lufttransportgeschwader 61, LTG 61). The wing is equipped with the Transall tactical transport aircraft. It was also the last year of the LTG 61 as the wing is going to be disbanded at years end. GermanyRead More

Break at the River

2017-06-09 Peoplephotography
Break at the River

Lili had a break at the river Lech on their way back to Prague. She relaxed on the waterside and enjoyed the sun. Birds were circleing above her and ducks paddled through the water. It was a lonely place and the landscape remembered her to Canada or Alaska. Just a salmon fishing brown bear was missing to make the illusion of the wild north perfect. A fresh breeze gave her goose pimples and it could have been a little warmer.Read More

The Gentlewoman from the Slaughterhouse

2017-05-15 Peoplephotography
The Gentlewoman from the Slaughterhouse

Nice ladies, smart guns and cool hats are typical elements of Film Noir. In the classic period of Film Noir (1941-1958), movie critics mocked of these low-budget B movies. Important movies of this period were, for example, The Maltese Falcon (1941), Double Indemnity (1944) or D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival, 1950). However, in the meanwhile Film Noir became a major style in movie making. Neo Noir brought us great movies like Taxi Driver (1976),  Blade Runner (1982), Pulp Fiction (1994), KillRead More

Roads of Vietnam

2017-01-08 Miscellaneous
Roads of Vietnam

Roads in Vietnam are very strange if you come from a western country and have never been in South-East-Asia before. Thousands of scooters and motorbikes thrust their way through the streets and at busy times also through the walkways. It is loud and the air smells of twin-stroke engines. Waiting for a gap to cross a street is almost hopeless. But if you have the courage to walk straight through the traffic, you will imagine the traffic flowing around youRead More

Fashion Shooting with Gina

2016-11-12 Peoplephotography
Fashion Shooting with Gina

We did some autumn fashion shoots, today. Gina digged the perfect OOTD for this shooting out of her wardrobe. I especially like the texture of her pullover or poncho or whatever it is (I don’t know how it is called) and that black hat. Good light, cool clothes, and a really not so bad (notice the understatement) model resulted in very great photos. But have a look on them by your self…