Air 14 Payerne

2014-09-07 Planespotting

100 years Swiss Air Force were celebrated with four days airshow on two weekends. The event took place at the Payerne airbase close to the French border. Every day of the show, they presented another flying display. We enjoyed the show very much. With Solar Impulse 2 is a very special aircraft is based Payerne. SI2 is the first purely solar powered aircraft build for an around-the-world. It has a wingspan similar to an Airbus A340 a lot of solar cells and a lot of batteries for the night. It is a very slow single seat plane. Therefore, the pilot must stay awake for more than 4 days when crossing the Pacific. It is the only one where the pilot seat can be brought to a sleeping position. I am really happy, that I got the chance to get a very close look on that great aircraft.