Quad Remote Shutter Release

2020-10-04 Miscellaneous

In the recent months, I was playing around with stereoscopic photography. That is taking two pictures side by side to generate an 3D vision. There are several ways to take two slightly shifted photos of a subject: Shifting the camera between two time-delayed exposures Using specialized 3D lenses, which project two shifted images on the camera sensor Using two cameras mounted side by side Shifting the camera between two time-delayed exposures is the easiest way to start with stereoscopic photography.Read More

Sweet Home Chicago

2018-06-09 Miscellaneous

Chicago is known for skyscrapers left and right of the Chicago river, the worldwide best blues music (e.g., Magic Sam, J.B. Hutto, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells), deep dish pizza, and 1920s gangsters like Al Capone. Even today the crime rate is very high. After 12 shootings in the last night, I stopped counting news reports on TV during breakfast. Maybe that’s the reason why Chicago became a film location for Batman Begins and the Last Knight. I had just oneRead More

Volksbad Nuremberg on Illford Delta 3200

2018-05-12 Miscellaneous
Volksbad N├╝rnberg

The Volksbad (peoples bath) in Nuremberg was build between 1911 and 1913 and is a beautiful art nouveau building. The construction cost approximately 1.8 million Reichsmark. It’s opening was on January 2nd, 1914. The bath consisted of three indoor swimming pools, 66 bathtubs, 14 showers, a steam bath and barber rooms. During World War I it was closed for three months. In World War II the bath became heavily damaged. The reconstruction was finished in 1959. The Volksbad has beenRead More

Roads of Vietnam

2017-01-08 Miscellaneous
Roads of Vietnam

Roads in Vietnam are very strange if you come from a western country and have never been in South-East-Asia before. Thousands of scooters and motorbikes thrust their way through the streets and at busy times also through the walkways. It is loud and the air smells of twin-stroke engines. Waiting for a gap to cross a street is almost hopeless. But if you have the courage to walk straight through the traffic, you will imagine the traffic flowing around youRead More

Photokina 2016

2016-09-21 Miscellaneous
Photokina 2016

Here are a few impressions from the Photokina 2016. A lot of new equipment like, e.g., the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. But also many shows and presentations. Martin Krolop spoke on their Roadtrip to France, Felix Rachor taught how to set light, and Christian Altengarten did several life shootings on the Tamron stage. Beside the Photokina, I visited the city centre of Cologne. The Cologne Cathedral is the second tallest in the world and one of the biggest GothicRead More

IAA 2015

2015-09-18 Miscellaneous
IAA 2015

IAA in Frankfurt is the biggest automotive trade fair in Germany. All major brands show their newest innovations. But the most impressive of the IAA is how much effort they spend to present their products. Especially, big brands like BMW and Mercedes have their own exhibition halls with a big stages and show programme.

SHA Photography Blog is Online

1970-01-01 Miscellaneous
Eurofighter Typhoon

Just installed my new blog. In the comming days I will migrate several old photo galleries to the new blog. Therefore, please to not wonder why this post is dated back to 1970. It’s just to allows me to add my old photo albums in the correct order. Stay tuned and enjoy the new blog.